Luke and Leia

The first few days were mostly drinking baby cat milk (formula dissolved in fennel tea with a few drops of medication against digestion problems) and sleeping. Feeding them often was becoming a challenge but with a nice boss who didn’t mind a little shoebox standing around not really a problem.

IMG_0530 IMG_0537

After two days I had the first real challenge though – naming them. One female and one male … Thinking of good   twin names the choice soon fell on Luke and Leia.

Leia was definitely the stronger one – drinking more milk and also a little more active.



After a few days in the morning I sadly discovered that Luke had died. Most likely he suffered from injuries from the 10 meter (30 feet) fall.


Here you find the beginning of the story of Luke and Leia:

13 thoughts on “Luke and Leia

  1. Poor little Luke 😦
    The photos are beautiful. They are so adorable.
    (I’m sad about the one taken by the bird. How awful).
    So, is there a baby with the mum? Or was there only 3?

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