the foundlings

The first day of April was one of the first warm days this year in Vienna. There was still a few centimeters of snow in my backyard, but it was melting away quickly.

Early in the morning I heard desperate screaming coming from outside. Just a few meters away (I live on the third floor) I saw a tiny baby squirrel clinging onto a branch screaming for its mother. Soon I saw a second one not far from the nest the mother had already built in January.


Only half an hour later the one on the first picture fell. Thanks to the Internet it is fairly easy to research what to do in such a case. (the mother won’t mind the human scent but it won’t take back weak and cold babies). So I decided to take the baby inside to warm up. Once I had the first one in the apartment the second one fell. When I got that one I found a third one not moving anymore on the ground. With the warmth of life came back into the three babies.


I decided it was time to try if the mother would take them back into the nest. They were so weak that they could barely hold onto the tree.

IMG_0501After an hour a crow took one and flew away. That was the moment I decided to take them in for good.

There was only one left outside high up in the tree still holding on – after one hour the mother at least got this one and put it back into the nest in a dramatic rescue operation.



More of the story and more pictures tomorrow 🙂


11 thoughts on “the foundlings

  1. What a great heart warming story. So glad you saved those little guys. Lovely images as well. Thanks for stopping by our blog. Really appreciate it and your work. Keep it up and have a great weekend.

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