the golden beehive

A facade decoration of one of the oldest houses in Prague located on the Wenzel’s square.

The house was built in 1572. In 1789 the builder Zachariáš Fiegerth was commissioned to re-face the house in baroque style for a beeswax-chandler named Nicholas Fischer. From this date comes the stucco sign, which earned the house its nickname ‘Velký úl’ (the Great Beehive) or ‘U zlatého úlu’ (The Golden Beehive). Today the building is the home of the Hotel Prague Inn.IMG_7507
Three other shots from Wenzel’s square (text is clickable):

The national museum during night with the moon rising in the back

A more artistic approach of the national museum

Another facade decoration on Wenzel’s square (a harpy)

10 thoughts on “the golden beehive

  1. Being from Poland, I still can’t believe I haven’t seen Prague. It’s a must in the near future! Your photography is very sensitive and beautiful! Thanks for coming by my blog too! 🙂

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