I amsterdam

Clever wordplay from the tourism board of Amsterdam, Netherlands. Behind the I AMSTERDAM you can see the Dutch National Museum.

dutch national museum

More pics/posts from Amsterdam (clickable text below):

Night shot of the van Gogh museum and opera

The Amsterdam Conservatory

Velociraptor statue in a park in Amsterdam

Unsafe balconies

16 thoughts on “I amsterdam

  1. What a GORGEOUS shot! When I was photographing this I AMsterdam sign last October it was daytime and kids and tourists were climbing all over the sign. The musuem’s constructure was super visible in the background, and I wasn’t savvy enough to know that I could get this sort of perspective from the other side of the water. I LOVE this shot. (And if you want to see my ridiculously amateur shot, it’s here: http://ayearofpics.wordpress.com/2012/11/04/amsterdam-i-amsterdam-sign/).

    I can’t wait to click through and check out the rest of your Amsterdam shots!

    1. I like the dynamic in yours 🙂 – I had the same problem with the construction site – as a photographer I hate things like that – why would you build a two story house for construction in front of the building that is photographed by hundred-thousand people a year -.-

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