Island on the Mur (a river running through Graz) or in german: Murinsel.
In 2003 Graz, the second largest city in Austria, became the European Capital of Culture. For this occasion the New York artist Vito Acconci created the Murisland. Essentially it is a bridge with a little amphitheatre and a small bar in the middle.


Just if you are wondering: This photographic effect was achieved with HDR – High Dynamic Range. Essentially several pictures with different exposure settings are computed into a new picture – with that you can have light and dark areas exposed equally. You can read up on this method on wikipedia:

10 thoughts on “murinsel

  1. The photograph and writing caught my attention. Straight from the heart. Thank you for sharing how you achieved the photograph. I am developing a degree outcome for photography and are writing blogging into the course. I am when teaching, going to redirect all my students to your site. Thank you ver much. I have never really had the opportunity to travel much. Traveling from South Africa is very expensive, but you shared with me your perceptions about your beautiful country. Thank you very much.

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