summer at the lake

At the moment it is so cold and dark at the moment that I decided to share a nice summer picture.

Attersee is located in the beautiful Salzkammergut in Upper Austria. The lake and the town you can see share the name. It is the largest lake of Austria (there are two that are larger, but they are not entirely on Austrian soil) with a total length of 20 km. and an area of 47 squarekilometers. The deepest point is 171 meters and the lake has an average depth of 85 meters. (because of that the total water volume is bigger than many other lakes that have a larger surface) This makes the lake a diving hotspot in Austria.


14 thoughts on “summer at the lake

    1. on the other side of the lake there is a beautiful mountain range that is also quite interesting to photograph πŸ™‚ – will post that one soon (as soon as I find a pic in the labyrinth of my harddrive)

    1. Thank you Joy – to be honest a little post processing helped me πŸ˜‰ – but the cameras on the picture were not as nice as in real life (the ones after the pp are closer to reality)

      1. I was really half – joking, Stefan, but as you so kindly have agreed, I’d certainly be over the moon to see them as I’m a Beethoven “nut”. I think it’s extremely kind of you, and I sincerely apologise for any trouble it will cause you. But thanks a million. Kindest regards, Thurstan

    1. no, not in summer – it will have like 22Β° celsius – up to 25 in some of the bays πŸ™‚ – when it is hot outside it is amazingly refreshing (I am personally not a fan of 30Β° pools when it it really hot outside πŸ˜‰

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