on the way to El Chalten

Chaltén is a tehuelche word meaning smoking mountain – quite fitting … nomadic hunters who spoke this language believed that the mountain was actually a volcano as it’s peak is in the clouds almost all year round. 

On the road to El Chalten, a tiny Argentinian town. Only few inhabitants live there and in summer (this picture was taken during that time) people who enjoy raw nature meet there as well. It is a paradise for mountain climbing, hiking, camping, ice climbing and much more.

The mountain formation you can see is the famous Fitz Roy  (3,400 meters or 11, 155 feet) named after the captain of the HMS Beagle who chartered the coast of most Patagonia. The HMS Beagle is one of the most known ships since Charles Darwin did his explorations on this ship that made him develop the Theory of Evolution.

The mountain is one of the most challenging on the planet for mountain climbing (not only because of the weather).

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Another shot of the mountain range: https://skww.wordpress.com/2010/12/09/on-the-road-to-torres-del-paine/

40 thoughts on “on the way to El Chalten

    1. Thank you Louis! It was very impressive to be standing there as well (and it was actually the only day I could see the mountain in my 5 days in that area …)

    1. Yeah – I like the contrast of softness of the hills in the front and the hardness of the mountains in the back as well (and then again the soft clouds being cut apart by Fitz Roy)

  1. Another photographe perfectly balanced… leaves us with the feeling that we want to be there! (even if there is a vulcan under our feet…)

      1. 🙂 yes. I’ve always wanted to adventure out in the woods, live like a nomad, see what life is outside our fenced in world.

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