Národní muzeum

The national museum in Prague with the moon rising behind it …

One of the most prominent buildings in Prague is the National Museum. It sits at the end of Wenceslas Square. It was completed in the late 1800’s so it’s definitely not one of the older buildings in Prague – even though it looks like something built by a King for a King.

The building has been through a lot of hard times. Right at the end of the World War II it was bombed by the German army. It was only one bomb but it did a lot of damage, a front tooth knocked out of a perfect smile. The unfortunate thing is that it was right at the end of the war. The bomb fell on May 7, 1945, the same day that Germany surrendered to the Allies.

Then, in 1968, when the Russians drove their tanks down Wenceslas Square, they entertained themselves by shooting at the Museum. No major damages, just some bullet holes in the pillars and outer facade. The holes where fixed, but not perfectly. You can still see the spots where the holes are puttied over because they are lighter in color than the rest of the building.

More tests of strength were forced upon the building with the construction of the metro and highway. A big hole was dug near the front of the building causing structural integrity issues. Then right behind the museum a highway was built. Day after day, the museum is suffering from the effects of vibration, dust and noise.

Information from: http://www.pragueczechtravel.com/prague-tips/prague-czech-national-museum.php


Currently the museum is under major renovation and therefore closed until 2016.


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