the stream

Slowly, but steadily the water always moves on – no rock can stop it, maybe hold it back in a little hole for a short while, but then it will flow on …

Kind of like my blog – it took me a while, but this is post 200 🙂

It all started out as a little test and then I decided to use this blog as a journey through my archives and current pictures – it is a lot more motivating to edit pictures if you know that at least someone is seeing them …

That is where you guys, my fellow readers, come in – thank you a lot at this point for keeping me motivated with your comments, likes, messages!

The picture is from the Myra Falls in Lower Austria. If you are in Vienna it is really a nice daytrip (don’t worry – the picture is just of the bottom of the falls – they get bigger further upstream)

Here you find more information on the falls:

(click on thumbnail to enlarge picture)


32 thoughts on “the stream

        1. that depends – I wish I always could – but depending on the hike I have to leave most of the equipment at home or I could turn around again after a short while with a 15 kilo backpack 😉

          1. Yes, I’m the same way; I prefer to hike light; and I then I see these great shots for which I know I need a tripod or a different lens……which are of course, back in the car.

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