The original bridge in Mostar, Bosnia, had been destroyed in 1993 during the bosnian serbian war and it has been reconstruced under the supervision of the UNESCO.

The Old Bridge “Stari Most” was built in 1566 – you can imagine what an achievement that was at that time – it spans 28,7 meters and is up to 22 meters high. The bridge you can admire today is an exact replica of the bridge that connected the two parts of the city for over 400 years.

With the “renaissance” of the Old Bridge and its surroundings, the symbolic power and meaning of the City of Mostar – as an exceptional and universal symbol of coexistence of communities from diverse cultural, ethnic and religious backgrounds – has been reinforced and strengthened, underlining the unlimited efforts of human solidarity for peace and powerful co-operation in the face of overwhelming catastrophes.

Source: http://whc.unesco.org/en/list/946

(you can also find more information in the above link)


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4 thoughts on “uniting

  1. This is a gorgeous photo and it’s encouraging to know that it has been reconstructed to be exactly like the original! Thank you for stopping by and checking out Travel Oops! Steph

  2. That bridge was destroyed by Croat gunners. The Croats and Muslims turned on each other in southern and central Bosnia in the middle of the war. A western-led pressured peace deal got them to stop at the end of February 1994 and reunite to fight the ethnic Serbs. At war’s end the Croats were put together in the so-called “Muslim-Croat Federation” part of Bosnia.
    Croats aren’t happy in the union with the Muslims, and Mostar is divided between them with the Croats on the western side of the river, and the Muslims on the eastern, much more damaged side.

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