raindrops on rose

Macro picture shot in the Volksgarten (park) in Vienna during a mild summer rain …

Raindrops On Roses by Carly Gibbs

I see so many roses
of different colours,
red, pink, white and yellow.

It changes when the heavens open
the sky pours,

onto roses,
fading the colour,
making it shine.

Strange, how rain
does the two
at the same time,

raindrops on roses,
taking their colour,
fading then away,

making them gleam,
glistening wet in
the break of sun,

when the colour comes back,
the raindropp stays,

on the rose,
a little mirror

illuminating a whole
new shade,
never seen

not to be seen again,
when that raindrop
runs away.

Yet the same old
roses remain,

How I wish
the rain would come again
to splatter

new life
onto my roses,

for a raindrop
to change it, blossom it
into something new

(click on thumbnail for larger picture)

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14 thoughts on “raindrops on rose

    1. I am far from being satisfied as well – macro shots are a LOT harder than I thought 😉 – the right focus is so hard …

      but if I improve you guys following the blog are the first to know 😉

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