big brother

It seems people in Dubrovnik, Croatia had some incidents with tourists in the past and are getting serious.

The question remains if it is a bigger problem for them having to watch people “using” their street or for tourists to be watched doing their business …

The quote “big brother is watching you” is from the book 1984 by George Orwell (click).

Critical people might say, that the current developments of government surveillance, be it on- or offline, have gone far beyond George Orwell’s nightmares … – so the book has quite an up-to-date topic.


10 thoughts on “big brother

  1. If they are that concerned about catching law-breakers, they should just knock on doors and stroll through cafes and parks, hauling out old Nazis: everywhere underfoot, baleful, and smelling of old schnapps

    1. True – that might definitely be an issue (although we didn’t have a problem finding any – although as with any old city the infrastructure is not the best)

  2. Today, ‘big brother’ watches us 24/7!
    Orwell was not only an extraordinary writer, he also accurately, foretold the future!

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