will prayers unlock this door?

A praying mantis found doing whatever praying mantis’ do on a door in Kotor, Montenegro. Thanks again Phat for bringing my attention to this since I would have walked by without noticing.


“fun” fact: The female praying mantis often rips off the male’s head during mating and eats it – this energy boost, in the form of proteins, helps the female to lay hundreds of eggs … (after done with the mating the female will eat the rest as well – nothing wasted)

As usual: click on the thumbnail for a closer look!


4 thoughts on “will prayers unlock this door?

    1. I figure praying mantis’ don’t have a self awareness to know that – also passing on it’s genes to the next generation is most likely more important than life …

      (like for example salmon – they also die when being done fertilizing eggs etc. afaik)

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