The courtyard of the National Maritime Museum of Amsterdam, the Nederlands Scheepvaartmuseum, got a new glaced glas roof consisting of steel bars forming a net with glas in between. at every intersection of the bars there is a LED spot glowing in different colours. The roof was designed by the Brussels office of Ney & Partners.

The lights can be controlled individually creating different patterns and colours for functional, safety and scenographic usages.

The shape of the courtyard is obviously a square, but with the ultra wide angle lens (Sigma 8-16mm) the distortion makes it look that way. It makes the picture interesting, but it is not an accurate depiction of the reality anymore.

The white lines you can see at the further away part of the glas are actually reflections of the courtyard lighting and not part of the dome.

For more information on this special roof:


As always I recommend looking at the larger version to see the details (by clicking on the above thumbnail).


4 thoughts on “covered

  1. super photo, you just reminded me that I promised myself to go to the museum one of these day.
    I like the way your present Amsterdam through your photos.

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