a classic

The original Citroen DS (my research showed me that this was the DS 19, but I am uncertain about that) with the original nose was built between 1955 and 1962.

The car placed third in a “Car of the Century” competition of the Classic & Sports Car magazing because of its timeless design and the revolutionary technical innovations. The hydraulics were not only used for brakes and power steering but also for suspension, clutch and transmission.

Later also features like directional headlights were introduced that still today are only available for luxury vehicles.

The DS also abilities also saved French President Charles de Gaulle’s life when two of the tires were blown in an assasination attempt in 1962 and the car could still escape at full speed.


As always please click on the small picture for the higher quality picture!


9 thoughts on “a classic

  1. When I was still a kid, our neighbors owned a beige car like this. It was horribly ugly, but it’s unattractiveness endeared it to everyone who saw it. 🙂

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