illusion for greatness

Schärding is a small town (less than 5000 inhabitants) in Upperaustria, located close to the Border to Bavaria. The area was already settled in the Neolithic, but today it is mostly known for its structures from the medieval ages and these middle class homes all around the city center designed in late-baroque style and built between the 16th and 19th century.

A speciality is the Inn-Salzach-Style (Inn and Salzach are two rivers around which this style is mostly found) – the houses were constructed to build a continuous ensemble, witht the facade covering the actual roof. So the top one or two “floors” are actually just a facade and the windows are fake. This created the illusion of more majestic and monumental houses.
Today some of these fake floors have been fully developed though to create more living space.



11 thoughts on “illusion for greatness

  1. Something cool: Immigrants from that general region brought those facades to the American midwest – Wisconsin, northern Illinois, Minnesota, Iowa. Short, more humble versions were also the first sign that a Gold Rush town or cattle town was becoming respectable.
    The “Wild” West loved those facades – No wood? No problem.
    Finally, to complete the cycle, Germans fell love with the American West in the 19th century. They formed clubs, dressed up like cowboys, traveled to dude ranches, etc.
    And they still do! In the summer of 2009, at least four, maybe five separate German film crews came to Dodge City, Kansas.
    “Oh, zis is so great!” they beamed at everybody.
    The residents were like, “Oh. Germans. Yeah, they love us”
    Meanwhile, the Germans were filming these little facades so lovingly, and I’m thinking “YOU like THESE facades? Um..have you guys looked around over there?”
    People everywhere crack me up

    1. Well i guess this is one of those “the gras is greener on the other side situations” 😉 – with the “wild west” the backstory sparks the imagination of the people – that flair makes everything more special …

  2. Yes, you’re so right. I was excited to meet them, because I only get to meet other Americans, so I thought people should be enthusiastic. But the people in Dodge City were so used to them that, it was just everyday life. ‘Oh. You guys are back. Hi.”

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