panorama – déjà vu

One picture (or actually 8) processed in 4 different ways. To stitch together the panorama I used hugin. Pictures were taken with a Panasonic bridge camera (DMC-FZ30).

This panoramic view close to Bariloche, Argentina has been chosen as one of the top ten scenic views in the world by National Geographic. It is impossible to capture the beauty with a picture – I remember standing on the viewpoint – it was just breathtaking. You didn’t know where to look first.

The panorama captured in the picture is almost 180°. It is shot from the top of Cerro Campanario. Most of the landscape you can see is part of Argentina’s oldest national park “Nahuel Huapi National Park” (the left side of the picture – including the mountains in the back.

It was established in 1934. The large lake to the left is the Nahuel Huapi Lake is the largest and clear water lake in the lake district of Argentina.

Naturally it has its own lake monster. Nahuelito. From the description it seems to be a close relative to the Loch Ness monster. It is described as a giant water snake with humps and fish like fins or so – depending on who saw it it was between 5 and 50 meters long (so I guess it has babies)

To see more of the panorama I would suggest that you click on the picture(s) – then it will load the larger version 🙂

Hope you have a great start into this week!


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