An old abandoned mountain farm house that I found during a recent hike … I believe it was one of the buildings for storing the hay in winter – through time the wood bleached and burst – the stonewall wasn’t straight anymore either since the buildings of the farm were on a steep hill and the pressure over time was too much for the old structures.

I wonder what people once lived there and how long ago it was. If buildings like this could tell stories they would be amazing …


17 thoughts on “abandoned

  1. Oh, I really like your work, Stephan. This is the first time I have visited. I wonder if the people who built this barn thought of it as a thing of beauty and art, like we do, or if it was just “I need a barn” for them, and lucky for us? Thank you for the like!

  2. This is a beautiful photograph. I really like the textures and angles. Black and white was a great call. It adds so much to the drama, mystery, and apparent age of the building. I too am intrigued by unspoken histories of places.

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