Notre Dame and the birds

Probably one of the most famous churches in the world: Notre Dame de Paris. It is situated on the island “Ile de la Cité” in the Seine.

Victor Hugo used it as the primary setting for his novel “The Hunchback of Notre Dame”  .

There exists in this era, for thoughts written in stone, a privilege absolutely comparable to our current freedom of the press. It is the freedom of architecture.
                                 The Hunchback of Notre Dame Book V, Chapter 2
Victor Hugo 


21 thoughts on “Notre Dame and the birds

  1. Stefan….this is gorgeous. I just love this photo. The positioning, with a 1/3…2/3 split, I see the river @ 1/3, is so pleasing to the eye. The movement of the water, the clouds, the bare trees, the lighting, and the birds…awesome. I like the way the birds are arching above Notre Dame too. How did you manage that? 😉 All in all a great shot! Thanks for sharing. (makes me want to return to Paris!)

    1. well – to be honest mostly luck – walked over the bridge – looked to the side and saw the birds starting – and within 5 seconds I had the camera out and did the shot 🙂

  2. Did you ever watch the movie “Angel A”? This is what your photo reminds me of — great atmosphere, and the birds just add this little “extra”.

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