There are different stories how Medusa turned out to be the woman she was …
Some say she was born a monster already, some say she was a beautiful girl that was turned into a monster by Athena, because she caught Medusa and Poseidon together by one of her temples …

From that point on Medusa’s hair was turned into snakes and her onlookers would be turned immediately into stone.

Anyway – most seem to agree on her end:

Perseus was able to defeat her because of the mirrored shield he received from Athena. He didn’t have to look directly at Medusa, who was pregnant from Poseidon at that time and slayed her.

When Perseus beheaded her Pegasus (the winged horse) and Chryasor sprang from her body … (so her children)


True story



This bronce sculpture depicting Medusa’s end was created by Benvenuto Cellini almost 500 years ago and stands on Florence’s Piazza della Signoria in Italy.


10 thoughts on “Medusa

  1. Wonderful post– I have a serious fondness for mythology. The story goes that Medusa was so beautiful that Poseidon raped her in Athena’s temple– and Athena punished Medusa for the transgression. Seems Athena had issues with other beautiful women…

    Another story tells about how Athena became something of a laughing-stock among the goddesses. Whenever she would wear the aegis with Medusa’s head on it, she’d get this odd fierce expression on her face. Sort of comical. Definitely not goddess-like. That’s when she gifted the aegis to a hero. From then on, goddesses have been very fashion-conscious…. I suppose….

    Thank you for sharing this & allowing me to chime in!

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