when we were young

I just found those pictures in my archives – back then (high school) I had one of those compact cameras (with old-school film obviously :)). Those were different times – having a limited possibility for shots, no instant feedback on the screen and then the terrible waiting until the pictures were developed ..

I know qualitywise they are nothing special – firstly I had even less clue back then how to take pictures secondly the camera was not comparable to the one I have today (nothing like taking 4 pictures a second :)) – I had one shot per jump – that was it …

Anyway – to the story – these pictures were taken on a beautiful weekend in the State of Washington – we (4 teenagers) decided to go off route and hiked up further from the local ski resort and on the other side of this hill we found this ski jump, that has been built …

There we spent a couple pretty crazy hours, as you can see from the shots – today I am still amazed nobody broke anything …

13 thoughts on “when we were young

  1. Only one problem … it makes me want to be back on the slopes! And now I’m old and crotchety and my knees can’t handle it … sigh. Wonderful photo!

  2. I think you’re too harsh here… the images are fantastic. Had I not read your post I would’ve thought they were taken with a DSLR and processed with a vintage look. Honestly, great job 🙂

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