Today’s story happened at Iguazu falls – one of the largest waterfalls in the world (depending how you are measuring ;))

A while back one of the only ways to see the falls up close in a comfortable fashion was to take a rowing boat to the edge of the falls – quite a thrill as you can imagine – while the tourists could gaze at the falls the boat’s captain had to row furiously not to be overwhelmed by the rivers current.

As many people a German tourist group books one of the captains for this excitement.


So you can see where they boats usually were – as usual not everything goes as planned – and (if I remember the story right) the captain gets a cramp – slowly the boat got closer and closer to the waterfall and while the current was getting stronger the captain was getting weaker rowing for his and his passengers lifes.

He can’t prevent the inevitable and he drops 100 meters down the waterfall – his passengers with him.

after this dramatic death of eight german tourist group it was forbidden to try to approach the edge of the falls with rowing boats – today it is only possible to drive towards the bottom of the falls – with motorboats though …

more pictures/posts of iguazu:



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