keep on playing

Every year there is a big festival in Vienna that takes place on an island situated in the danube – within three days three million people visit and listen to several hundred artists on 20 stages … – best of all – it is completely free 😉

Francis International Airport – a really interesting young independent band

One of their songs:

Shout out Louds – a great swedish band

and Darwin Deez

one of my favorites: Radar Detector

There is also more mainstream music, but I personally prefer this kind of music – so no images of the more known artists 🙂


9 thoughts on “keep on playing

  1. Looks like a great festival..would love to get there one day 🙂
    Nice shots and thanks for sharing the links.. watched/listened to them all and really enjoyed them..Shout Out Louds were my favourite.

  2. Great photos…. You are very good behind the lens! I like them all…the mix of colors is very cool. Interesting music also….and thanks for visiting my site.

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