Oh Paris …

… I can’t express how much I miss you sometimes!


I miss the smell of fresh baguettes and croissants from the bakery next door
I miss turning around a corner and unexpectantly seeing the Eiffel Tower from a new perspective
I miss the full streets of busy people all day and night long
I miss the many friends I have met
I miss the metro with its unending corridors and the quiet music finding its way to you from some artist playing his guitar
I miss my little studio, where everything was soooo tiny, but also so comfy
I miss going through a street for the tenth time and still being surprised
I miss the walks on the Canal St. Martin
I miss the countless picnics all over the city
I miss the nights at Pont des Arts with its countless locks attached by couples to declare their everlasting love

I miss these things and many, many more

but in the end can be summed up in this indescribable feeling that comes up when I see a picture of Paris …


Paris, I miss you.




46 thoughts on “Oh Paris …

    1. while I was in it every day I definitely wasn’t always happy with it 😉 – but now I am using the more functional oriented viennese system and I have to admit, that sometimes I even miss the Metro of Paris …

      but maybe this is just a romanticization of the past

  1. I was only there for a few days about 10 years ago, and wasn’t cultured enough to appreciate it. This post makes me want to try again..

  2. Beautiful photo…very well suited to black and white. Your poetry is wonderful as well–it evokes an emotional response even from Jose of us who hav never experienced the city and makes us feel what you feel for your beloved city. Well one.

  3. Hi! Thanks for stopping by my blog and liking one of my posts today!

    I really like your photography as well, and this shot of Paris is stunning.

    Having never been yet long having desired to go, this makes me want to make the journey all the more.


  4. Paris!! My favourite city in the world. I have been several times now & I always hate leaving.

    This picture is fantastic. I miss all of these things as well. This brings back so many wonderful memories.
    I love the background montage as well. Really clever. 🙂

  5. It;s ok to miss Paris whilst also enjoying Vienna… Paris will be there to go back to 🙂
    Love the photo as well… I’ve been to Paris several times and know what you mean, every visit has been too short.

  6. Thanks for visiting my blog. I’ve only been to Paris for a few days earlier this year. The place does have a magical atmosphere.

  7. Stefan, what a lovely image from La Ville-Lumière! Even though I’m currently enjoying sabbatical travels in Southeast Asia, your longing for Paris makes me miss it too! I’m pleased that you discovered my site so that I could in turn discover yours!

  8. Great pic of Paris! We live in the Dordogne and fly a microlight so I also manage the odd aerial shot of French soil. I’d love to go to Paris – and will drag my husband there one day! In the meantime we enjoy those baguettes and croissants that you speak of on a daily basis in our small local boulangerie – and that wonderful French coffee in the cafe across the road. Thanks for visiting my photo-blog!

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