the world below us II

The music was getting louder and louder – after four more cornes suddenly I was standing in a larger room with “the doorman” greeting me. Pipes, that came together to form a man, that was decorated with cloth and candles.

Several doorways lead to rooms, some with music, some with beautiful graffiti on the walls …

A 15-man band playing music (no idea how they got their instruments in there ;)) – especially the huge tuba (although it looked a little banged up)

The atmosphere was incredible – everything lit by countless candles  – only the pipes coming and leaving through the stone ceiling reminded me, that there was another world above us, that contrary to us was completely unaware, what was going on 20 meters under it’s basements.

Who recognizes this famous painting? 🙂


After a long night and another long way back out I enjoyed breathing the dustfree warm air again. (since especially with the wet clothes it was quite cold in there)


3 thoughts on “the world below us II

  1. This was interesting and so impressive… But to be honest just by watching them like an image, otherwise I wouldn’t like to be there… My panic attack can kill me there… Where is this place… and what is the organization… I wonder now. Once upon a time people were living in deep and dark caves… But at that time, when the night sky was clear, the light was coming from the sky… Today we can’t see the night sky because of human world’s lights… Anyway, Thank you, with my love, nia

    1. It is under the city of Paris and not organized, since it is illegal to move through the underground (since it is dangerous and they want to keep people out). Definitely not a place for people who have panic attacks or who are afraid of dark, water, small places etc. …

      I enjoyed this world, but I am not sure if I would do it again 🙂

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