the world below us I

Sometimes you get a rare opportunity to do an exploration in a strange, hostile world – and no – i am not talking about Narnia! These are my adventures in the catacombs of Paris (theoretically obviously)

But first things first: Since it would be obviously illegal to wander around in the catacombs of Paris I would never do it – If it were legal though this is how it might have happened (the pictures are from an anonymous source I have never met ;))

Two kilometers of the catacombs are open to tourists as a museum, but there is much much more – like 400 kilometers more, some of them going as deep as 100 meters. Some are under water, some caved in, some are so small, that you have to crawl through them on your stomach, some are wide and high as domes. There are 6 million corpses in the catacombs, that were mostly transferred from Paris’ cemeteries (and maybe some tourists who didn’t find their way out).

There are many entrances, most of them sealed by authorities, but there are always a few possibilities to get in. We had to climb over a couple fences and walk through old abandoned railway tunnels until we got to a small inconspicious hole. From there another 30-45 minutes “walk” or better crawl through sometimes hipdeep icecold water.

When I wasn’t sure if I would ever arrive suddenly I started hearing music coming from a distance …


I know – everybody hates cliffhangers – but this story is gonna get amazing (and is going to continue tomorrow ;))







2 thoughts on “the world below us I

  1. I’ve been to the official “tourist’ ones and they were scary enough… all those bones stacked up in piles, sculls etc. I had no idea that there were so many more of them! Looking forward to seeing what’s around your corners…!

    1. I never made it to the official one ;), to be honest, I wasn’t so sure about it in the beginning, but (maybe because I am too naive ;)) it wasn’t scary to me, although I wouldn’t want to be lost down there

      the story continues:

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