Scraping the sky

Skyscraper by Rachel Field

Do skyscrapers ever grow tired

Of holding themselves up high?

Do they ever shiver on frosty nights

With their tops against the sky?

Do they feel lonely sometimes

Because they have grown so tall?

Do they ever wish they could lie right down

And never get up at all?

I have had this post as a draft for quite a while and last sunday I decided to post it – a few minutes afterwards I actually realized what day it was since I felt it might be to insensitive, even though it was not intended to have any connection to the attacks or the memories of the many dead. (although other people as Kiwidutch saw it more positively)


2 thoughts on “Scraping the sky

    1. OMG – didn’t think of that at all – well – I guess I will take it offline and post it tomorrow or on a later date 😮 – especially with the poem … – damn

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