a rare sight



This is one of the few pictures I have, where the Eiffel Tower looks deserted of all life – neither people …
even the trees seemed to shed their leaves for this ocassion.

might have had to do with freezing temperatures and the late hour 😉




5 thoughts on “a rare sight

  1. SkP,

    Great shot of tour Eiffel but there did your other pic go? I actually thought that the other one was very moving and insightful considering the date, and commended you for it.

    1. Thank you 🙂 – well – even before I saw your comment I came to the realization, that this post might not be ideal …

      I had the post as a draft for a while and well – decided to post it and a minute afterwards I realized, what day it was – with the poem in combination I figured that it might not be so sensitive …

      I guess you saw it more positive than me 😉

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