The Tower

Tower of the St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna by night. It is 136 meters high. While the Austro-Hungarian Empire still existed no church was allowed to be built higher than this.

The tower is regarded as one of the most monumental buildings of the medieval times – it took 75 years to be finished …


8 thoughts on “The Tower

  1. if you are a detail fanatic like I am then this kind of building is just a jewel to behold. All that amazingly carved stonemasonry… it’s a delight from all angles.
    I also love how you managed to silhouette the tower against the night sky, it’s different to the “usual” blue sky versions and adds a lot of drama to the photo.
    An excellent shot that I could happily stare at for hours.

  2. Hello. Nice picture! How did you get the FACEBOOK LIKE on your post?? I have a wordpress hosted site and trying to figure out the same thing.

    Any help would be much appreciated.

    1. I am sry – the wordpress hosted sites and the sites are completely different

      I think you need to install the facebook plugin (there is a whole directory of plugins on

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