As it has become obvious – the Eiffel Tower is one of my most favorite subjects to take photographs of – it never seizes to amaze me – but once you think you got to know all perspectives you turn around somewhere in Paris and suddenly see another view of it …

Sometimes you just have to get a little distance to appreciate the full size of the tower and it’s dominance over the city landscape. Standing close to it it doesn’t seem so tall …

Recently in the news: Good news for our future generations – “the SETE offers the possibility of optimizing maintenance, preventing risks and extending the life of a monument which was only built to last for 20 years.” – a new project (digitalizing every part of the tower) was just finished


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6 thoughts on “Distance

  1. Tour Eiffel has a strong presence about it and I never in a million years thought I would get emotional about being on it, but I was, and Himself too. There is something about the grandeur of the structure and the grace it exudes..; magic!
    I was in Paris to meet up with a friend and her husband and they wanted me to join them on the Tour, I declined and said, No.. this is one place where you need to just have the two of you together as a couple to share the magic and the moment.
    They didn’t understand before they went out to it, but they did by the time they came back.
    I can completely understand your love of Tour Eiffel… it really DOES have that certain “je ne sais quoi”…

  2. I looove it 🙂 As always.

    And I’m having a hard time figuring out where this was taken from. It’s almost like they built a Tour Eiffel somewhere other than Paris.

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