The delicate network of iron bars …

… supporting each other to  hold up a weight of  10000 metric tons. More specifically 2.5 million rivets, 15,000 pieces of iron and 40 tons of paint.

If you have a minute –> click on the picture to see it in bigger size (it could be sharper since I didn’t have my tripod with me and just shot it while holding the camera in my hand – I still like the details though …)


Picture taken with the ultra-wide angle lens from Sigma (8-16mm).


9 thoughts on “The delicate network of iron bars …

  1. The top of the tower, as seen though the “frame” made by the base of the legs, almost looks like a separate photo placed in the “frame”. I always thought that Tour Eiffel was “just” a famous landmark, no big deal but the first time I saw it up close it took my breath away and I got a bit emotional.
    There is detail in the structure that accentuates the magic of it and it’s truly imposing.
    No tripod? Wow, great effort to get it this sharp then, yes the enlarged photo IS worth the look… amazing, Well done!

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