Flying …

Out of a plane window over the Atlantic.

A cloud withdrew from the Sky

A Cloud withdrew from the Sky
Superior Glory be
But that Cloud and its Auxiliaries
Are forever lost to me

Had I but further scanned
Had I secured the Glow
In an Hermetic Memory
It had availed me now.

Never to pass the Angel
With a glance and a Bow
Till I am firm in Heaven
Is my intention now.

Emily Dickinson


4 thoughts on “Flying …

  1. I’ve seen my fair share of amazing cloud formations on our long hauls to New Zealand and back but you’ve beaten me hands down for the brilliant colour you snapped here… wow! that’s intense. The best I have come up with so far is a lot of blue and a splash of colour way way off on the horizon as the sun set. In contrast this is massive, the colour completely fills the sky and reflects hues of all shades off the clouds. Cool shot!

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