Green roof is sooo yesterday

A green facade is so much cooler … – literally – no air conditioning needed 🙂 – besides that it also provides a green, even colourful (when blooming) feast for the eyes in an otherwise grey city …

(actually now it is soooo the day before yesterday – because of the topical news (the demonstrations in Paris) this was moved to today, monday :)) – the green roof was on saturday … CLICK)

These vertical gardens were created by Patrick Blanc and cover the building of  the Musée du quai Branly in Paris. He developed a concept with a self supporting soil-free system that can be installed out- and indoors.


3 thoughts on “Green roof is sooo yesterday

  1. WOW! I love how the trees show up in the windows in contrast to the green facade. Really need this in Arizona during the summer!

  2. I have been considering the green roof for a few years now, but this, THIS is so much better! Thanks–of all the garden magazines and newsletters I receive, I have never seen this before.

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