In the News: Anger and Support – Protests in Paris (Egypt, Tunisia)

This post is for information. The demonstration and it’s signs/messages do not necessarily reflect my opinion.

The pictures were taken during todays demonstrations. This is the first part of the pictures – second part will follow up tomorrow.

Several thousand people were marching to support protesters in Egypt, Tunesia and Syria morally and to express their anger and opinion towards the current governments.

6 thoughts on “In the News: Anger and Support – Protests in Paris (Egypt, Tunisia)

  1. The age of the Dictator appears (hopefully) to be coming to a long awaited end, especially for hereditary ones.
    I can only hope that these various nations can win democracy without bloodshed and civil conflict and that there are no power vacuums that can foster longer or deeper unrest. Hopefully this can be a step forwards towards a better future and not one backwards to a darker past.
    I can only hope too, that a solution is found so that ALL members of these societies may have a voice in Government and that it’s the voice that rules and not just the the people with the most money, friends, position etc.
    Very thought provoking photographs, Thanks for posting them and I look forward to tomorrows too.

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