Siena’s historical center is a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. On the left you can see the dome …

The city in the Tuscany is also known for their yearly horserace “Palio” on the city square, Piazza del Campo.


10 thoughts on “Siena

  1. hmm, I’m still debating the composition of this photo… (realising fully that you may only point your lens in whichever direction your only tall rooftop enables you to).
    Is the square tower attached to the same building as the dome? It all looks a tad messy in the corner and I’m scratching my head trying to work it out. Of course you are not to blame for that!
    The dome and tower DO look like interesting subjects on their own though.

    1. the square tower is about another 40-50° to the right I would guess … – I was standing on a wall, that is part of the unfinished larger dome (wasn’t finished because of the great plague if i remember right :))

      1. (sigh) talk about workmen not coming back to finish off the job… nothings changed over the centuries in that respect has it LOL. (ok if it was the Plague at least they had a decent excuse).

    2. I like this photo because you get those nice rooftops and the back of the dome – it goes downhill to the right – so that was the only possibility I saw to get both on one picture … – an extreme wide angle lens would have been awesome for this shot 🙂

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