Argentinia Week – Day 1 – Iguazu

Argentina Week will be something like a motto week. So you can be excited for one week of pictures of Argentina.

First of is one of the most beautiful wonders of South America. The Iguazu waterfalls … You can see Argentina, the picture is taken from Brazil though. The falls are mainly shared between Brazil and Argentina, Paraguay also has a little part.

A couple years back (a lot of them) a god planned to marry a beautiful girl named Naipí – she had other plans and fled in a canoe down the river … She was accompanied by her mortal lover Tarobá. The god was so in rage, that he sliced the whole river in half creating this waterfall. The two lovers fell to their death …

I guess as they say – better enjoy true love for a short time, than to suffer unhappily for eternity.

True Story.

The falls consist of 275 falls up to 85 meters high stretching over almost 3 kilometers.

In the picture you can see the “devil’s throat” all the way in the back  (through the mist)


2 thoughts on “Argentinia Week – Day 1 – Iguazu

  1. Love the way you’ve included the green patch on the left. It livens up the frame. And those tiny flowers sitting atop the green patch are icing on the cake.

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