Vienna by Night III

Parliament of Austria and statue of the Pallas Athena.

Pallas Athena was the Greek goddess of Wisdom and Strength. The reason for her statue being in front of the parliament is that she also is the goddess of justice.

She was “born” out of the head of her father Zeus. She later took the name Pallas as well in memory of the daughter of the man who raised her. Athena accidentally killed Pallas in a fighting game with darts.

Anyway – most people will also know her from her participation in the war of Troy (not the movie version ;)) …

She initially was one of the three goddesses, that asked Paris (the son of the King of Troy), whom of them was the most beautiful. Each goddess promised a reward if Paris would choose her …

In the end he chose Aphrodite, whose reward Helena (the most beautiful woman on earth), Paris later got – and we all know where that lead …

So I guess, what this old wisdom wants to tell us: If three beautiful women ask you who is the prettiest – DON’T ANSWER – you might and probably will start a war of epic proportions …

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