On the road to Torres del Paine

“Patagonia! She is a hard mistress. She casts her spell. An enchantress! She folds you in her arms and never lets go…Since its discovery by Magellan in 1520, Patagonia was known as a country of black fogs and whirlwinds at the end of the habited world. The word ‘Patagonia’, like Mandalay or Timbuctoo, lodged itself in the western imagination as a metaphor for The Ultimate, the point beyond which one could not go. Indeed, in the opening chapter of Moby Dick, Melville uses ‘Patagonian’ as an adjective for the outlandish, the monstrous and fatally attractive.”

In Patagonia by Bruce Chatwin published in 1977

This picture was taken at an unvoluntary stop, when the vehicle’s, I hitchhiked with, trailer lost a wheel :).  The Road connects El Calafate to El Chaltén, both in Argentina, although not so long ago El Chalten was fought over with Chilé.

It is said to be almost impossible to catch this mountain chain without clouds and at least for me this was true – during the four days I spent in El Chaltén I have never seen more than in this panorama … – so I guess – lucky for me, that the trailer lost it’s wheel!


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