Frozen Dragon Head

Maybe I am the only one who sees it 🙂 – but this iceberg in the Lago Argentino looks like it to me … (head to the right).

Anyway – Lago Argentino is the biggest fresh water lake in Argentina and can be found within the Los Glacieres National Park. The lake is fed by several glaciers of which impressive icebergs break off into the lake.

The amazing blue colour is actually not the result of post processing – they actually look like that.

The blue colour is created through hundreds of years of intense pressure within the glacier. The ice gets compressed more and more and so the air, that was originally trapped within the snowflakes get pressed out.

In the end the light, that hits such an iceberg, doesn’t get reflected by the air inside anymore (what creates the white colour), but gets filtered – in the end the weaker wavelengths of the light get filtered out (like in water) until just the blue remains …

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