poor old fox freezing

A little statue I saw in the center of Stockholm, Sweden. It is probably from some kind of fairy tale. IMG_8983

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12 thoughts on “poor old fox freezing

  1. As a child, I had a bad habit of piling my plate full of food and then eating it too fast. My Swedish gramma said I must be a Jerff. It’s a combination critter based on a wolverine, dog, cat and fox that is infamous for its gluttony. A Jerff gorges itself on food, then forces more into its stomach beyond comfort. It was pictured as having dog and cat like features and a fox’s tail.

  2. Great photo! Is that a little baby ‘fox’ or Jerff nestled in the blankets?
    How big is the statue?

  3. I guess a fox can be as homeless as a homeless person – the sad thing is, the fox would likely get more sympathy from passers-by.

    • It is indeed quite sad – I guess we have gotten so used to homeless people and beggars that they belong to a normal sight in many cities …

      Also it seems that people get more and more egoistic and strongly believe that everyone is the artisan of his own fortune … and if it is their fault why should we help them …

      It is one of the worst features of this hypercapitalism we have (the strong survive and it is the own fault of the others that they get used for the gains of the strong)

  4. I love this… such a simple little statue, yet it brings lots of ideas and stories to my mind.

  5. Nice pic. I will look at your site further!

  6. The statue is called Hemlös Räv/Rag and Bone with Blanket by Laura Ford ( Nice shot – the snow really adds to the misery of the thing…

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